Dan Phillips - The Hobbit

Dan Phillips, owner of DP Studios, studied directly under Oscar winning effects and make up artist, Dick Smith. After his internship, Dan graduated from JLS Makeup School. As a Make Up Artist for over 15 years, working in film, telecision, stills, and every conceivable special event project, Dan has become the most sought after makeup artist in the state of Michigan.

Work Experience:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit: There and Back Again
Oz The Great and Powerful
Real Steel
Detention of the Dead
The Wars of Other Men
A Return to the Hiding Place
Insane Clown Posse

D.P. Studio Course Offerings

Basic Makeup for Film, Video & Photography

Basic Makeup for Film, video and photographyUnderstand the art and skill of makeup applications as it applies to film, TV and photography. The hands-on course focuses on professional conduct and expectations along with application technique which is reinforced through instructor demonstration. Dan and/or other instructors teaching class will also share their on-set experiences.

Topics Include: Bridal makeup, HD makeup, makeup through the decades, nuetral definition, the subtlety of color, the art of blending, proper tools of application, and much more.

Special Effects Makeup for Film and Television

This course builds upon the principles covered in the Basic Course with emphasis on instructor demonstrations and hands-on practice. Techniques for creating bruising, scarring, and aging effects are covered as well as using castings, foam latex appliances, and molds.

Topics Include: Blood, prosthetics, mold making, life casts, on-set knowledge, character development through makeup, color theory, latex silicone, and much more.